I samarbete med SeaSolutions och TISAB (Transport Information Systems AB), kan MariTerm AB erbjuda avancerade lastplaneringsystem för:

  • RoRo fartyg
  • Biltransportfartyg
  • Containerfartyg
  • Kylfartyg
  • Open hatch – skogsproduktsfartyg

Lastplaneringssystemet marknadsförs under benämningen Atlanta 2 och har funktioner enligt nedanstående beskrivning.


Atlanta 2 – Load planning system

Atlanta 2 is a load planning system designed for RoRo and conventional cargo vessels. The purpose of the system is to be able to handle RoRo units and other types of cargo.

Atlanta 2 offers visibility and overview, allowing the user to drag & drop cargo units directly onboard the vessel from a booking list or visually from a terminal/shed position ashore.

Booking lists are made by the user onboard or sent to the vessel and imported automatically. Cargo plans and various reports can be sent from vessel to operators, ports, agents etc.

Main features

Atlanta 2 is a load planning system where booking lists can be sent to the vessel from an office based booking system. In addition bookings can be entered manually. These bookings are used to plan the loading of the vessel via drag & drop functionality.

Colors are used to separate cargo units, either by Port of Loading (PoL) or Port of Discharge (PoD). Colors can be changed by the end user. Different settings enable the user to specify the information to be displayed.

Loading/planning (drag & drop function)

Atlanta 2 uses drag & drop functionality, which enables the user to select a cargo unit from a booking list or from a shed position in port and place it onboard, either in a predefined position or in a free area. It is also possible to add bookings or units (containers, cassettes, cars etc.) and place them “en bloc” in a free area on the deck or in the cargo hold.

Load order list

The load order feature gives the cargo planner onboard the vessel a possibility to check that the loading sequences and activities will not endanger the vessels stability. It will also ensure smooth and effective loading/discharging activities once in port.

The load order list can be sent for example to upcoming ports so that the stevedores can plan their loading and discharge activities accordingly.

Vessels trim & stability

All necessary information about the vessels trim and stability is calculated by the program.

When planning a cargo operation the user can simulate which trim & stability conditions the vessel will have upon arrival, in port and on departing by adjusting cargo as well as the contents of all tanks onboard (bunker, ballast and miscellaneous).

Atlanta 2 gives instant information about the trim & stability conditions of the vessel for every change done by the user.

Booking list

The booking list used for cargo planning can be downloaded from an external source or inserted manually by the user. The specific information in the booking list is determined by the user, but should at least contain information such as Port of Loading (PoL), Port of Discharge (PoD), weight, dimensions, type of cargo unit and if applicable stowage factor, dangerous goods and other relevant information. If necessary, more information can be added.

Booking lists and plans can be exchanged between the vessel to/from offices, ports, agents and customers.


Various reports can be generated and sent to offices, ports and stevedoring companies, such as:

  • Bookings and booking list
  • Cargo details
  • Tank contents and tank gauging
  • Load order and loading list
  • Trim & stability and stress

Booking system

SeaSolutions may also provide a customised booking system, which can be used in combination with Atlanta 2.

The booking system gives the users onboard, operators, customers and ports easy access to send and retrieve cargo information.

Approval of load- & stability program

Atlanta 2 is a class approved system by Lloyds Register. The program is prepared to be approved and certified by any classification society.

Compatibility and updating of the program

Atlanta 2 is continuously improved and customised based on feedback from our customers.

Atlanta 2 is Windows compatible.

If you wish to receive more information about Atlanta 2 please let us know and we will be pleased to assist you.


SeaSolutions – Other services

Our Atlanta 2 partner SeaSolutions ApS is a maritime & shipping IT development company in Denmark specializing in maritime Management tools.

In addition to Atlanta 2 can be mentioned:

  • Stowage Optimizer for container vessels, SONATA. This in cooperation with the partner Solverminds
  • Onboard management systems handling e.g.
    • Crew Management
    • Rest Management with face recognition
    • Payroll

For further information please contact the supplier. You can also contact MariTerm and we will assist in establishing necessary contact.

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